War has never solved anything. Except the absence of stupid bumper stickers.

September 12th, 2007 - 8:04 am

Was surfing one of my favourite forums while eating breakfast (it’s like the Times), and happened to read one forum member’s signature that never fails to irritate me:

“WAR HAS NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING, except ending slavery, fascism, communism, Nazism….”

I finally decided to say something about it (on the forum), but here it for posterity:

For starts, I’ll be a pedant and point out that: slavery is still going strong in several places around the world (Sudan, for instance), and in most places ended with laws changing, not a war; that the fascist regimes in South America (and many other places) didn’t end due to war and were much younger than WW2; that communism regimes have never fallen due to war*; and I would argue that Nazism hasn’t, unfortunately, been stamped out (neo-Nazi marches, Synagogue vandalism and arson in Europe, etc).

Actually, that’s mostly what I wanted to say, but there is the larger issue that force of arms cannot stamp out an idea or meme (“-ism”s), unless you kill everyone spreading that idea (and destroy every medium in which the idea is stored).

Slavery in the southern US officially ended following the Civil War, but it was several generations before it ended in effect- it was similar everywhere in the world where slavery was declared illegal around that time.

*To be fair, the Commies got kicked out of Afghanistan. …

I sort of wanted to write more, but I was (and still am) running late.

Artifacts found while moving, #87

August 29th, 2007 - 11:46 pm

Set list, jotted down on a napkin, from Guy Davis’s March 25, 2007 show at Bearly’s.

  1. Hoochie Coochie Man
  2. Payday
  3. Driftin’ Blues
  4. Limetown
  5. Home Cooke Meal
  6. What You Doin’
  7. (Highway 61) The Loneliest Road I Know
  8. The Chocolate Man
  9. Shaky Puddin’
  10. broke down train? angel? drunk?
  11. Railroad Story, followed by break
  12. Run Sinner Run
  13. Can’t Be Satisfied
  14. Grandma Is Dancing
  15. Come Back Baby
  16. rag, improv?
  17. Watch Over Me
  18. Saturday Blues
  19. Candyman
  20. Po’ Boy (Great Long Way From Home)
  21. Walkin’ Blues
  22. “new one”
  23. Let Me Stay A While
  24. Blues In The Midnight Hour
  25. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  26. Baby Please Don’t Go
  27. Going Down Slow

(Only) Three hours of Ultimate and then I had muscles!

August 28th, 2007 - 10:46 pm

…and beer. And lots of other booze.

Our team really came together for the end-of-the-summer tournament, we only lost two of the three games, and one lose was really a moral victory (our win wasn’t a moral defeat, either, we cleaned that team’s clock on moral grounds too).

Afterwards, the three non-yellow-bellied-slash-chicken-livered teammates (I count myself among the august members), headed out to the bar (post showers and other cooling/cleaning/relaxing regimes) rather than napping.

The waitress at the bar asked what kind of muscles I wanted and, a bit surprised I said “uh, you know, the black ones, with, uh, meat inside them.”

She very patiently explained that, yes, those were the kind of muscles, but that there were four sauces available, as clearly stated in the menu.

Ye olde alehouse, the Halifax Alehouse, has muscles on special on Sunday night – twice as many as you usually get for $10, which is normally one kilogram, or, in imperial units, “more than one person could eat”.

After several beer and too much seafood, we quickly toured our apartments for fruit and rum, eventually arriving at someone’s blender (“what’s black and white and…”) .

I’d continue but I’ve run out of witty things to say about the evening. I move in two or so days.

I’m movin’ on (and the troubles therein)

August 23rd, 2007 - 10:28 pm

So, my pirate lass and I are finally shacking up, for the first time since we were both at the same university. Apparently my current dwelling is a “dank dark hole, a cesspool of guitars”, purportedly unfit for her.

Begrudgingly, I move.

I’ve been contacting various companies and corporations telling them that I’m moving. Being a web application nerd, I shun human conta— er like to check out other web applications, so I always take a stab at using them. I probably shouldn’t expect a joyous fête of usability, but it is 2007 (era of “Web 2.0″), so I get excited.

Canada Post had to make sure I was the real me, so quizzed me on my credit history, but first warned me some questions might be “simulated” (er, what?). I failed. Into the post office.

Last time I moved, I went to change my billing address with Rogers, online. I filled in my address and clicked “submit”. It told me I hadn’t entered my province or postal code. Turns out those fields aren’t on the form. OK.

Two years later:

“Dear Rogers, I can’t change my mailing address online, as I’m moving, don’t be douchebags and tell me I need MSIE.” (this is, perhaps, a paraphrase, the details are the same.)

“Dear Customer, please use Netscape 4.1.6+ or IE 5+, and if you can’t, replay and we’ll mail you your invoice.”

“Dear Rogers, thank you for your boilerplate response that misses my complaint. If I tell Safari to pretend to be IE, it gives me those fields, that means your web developers are idiots. Please inform them of this.” (very little paraphrasing.)

Exhibit A, Safari 2.0.4 (I have version 3 on the MacBook):

Exhibit B, Safari, pretending to be MSIE6 for Windows:

(Firefox gets that without pretending, it’s special)

I figure now that I have those fields, I’d enter my new address and hit submit:

(Same problem in Firefox, not so special after all)

1998 called and it wants its idiotic browser specific broken JavaScript back. —air-quotes— Web 2.0 —air-quotes— is at the door with an axe, you should let it in.

PS: Fuck you, up in Toronto, Rogers: Nova Scotia might not be a “have” province, but we aren’t invalid.

fatum iustum stultorum

July 24th, 2007 - 12:08 am

I’m back.

Good morning little school girl

March 13th, 2007 - 3:59 pm

One of our stations is giving away a bunch of stuff tomorrow, including an almost 50 year old hollow body electric guitar – a 1958 Hofner Club 50. I played it a bit at lunchtime and just loved it. Went well with the Muddy Waters I’ve been listening to lately (Folk Singer).

I am frightened by the browser windows and tabs I found open this morning on my laptop: “RRSP savings calculator”, “Registering Domestic Partnerships”, and “Cracking 128-bit wireless keys”. I think some old-fogey nerd invaded my apartment.

Lecherous Muddy Waters songs seem appropriate then.

Notes on button-fly jeans and heat pipes.

February 8th, 2007 - 2:59 am

It seems to me that the inventor of the button-fly jean was a person who spends the winter in a villa somewhere on the Mediterranean, or at least a trailer park in Florida.

The reason for my supposition is heat pipes.

On the three different pairs of button-fly jeans I own, the buttons are stainless steel, and there is no denim flap behind the fastener behind the button backs, as there is with the zipper-fly models behind the zipper. The typical denim flap of the zipper models is in fact what the buttons are mounted in.

The problem arises when a) the button backs press against the wearer’s body (or against the thin fabric of the usual undergarment), specifically against the part of the male anatomy that is typically buttressed against the fly of jeans, and b) the button fronts brace themselves against the Canadian winter.

Those readers who are familiar with the mechanism of heat pipes will understand why I am now wearing long johns most days on my walk to work.

Of our discontent.

January 31st, 2007 - 2:13 am

I am in favour of some global warming; actually, it doesn’t need to be more than local warming. I live on a hill, the water levels can rise, but I’m tired of wearing long johns to work.

I’d rather strut like this dude:

In bed related issues, I finally caved into the Mrs.’ demands and purchased some feather pillows. I don’t want to make a note about the frequency of this, but it is notable: she was right! They are super comfy (romantic dividends will be zero, as although I caved, I referred to her as ‘the Mrs.’ Twice.).

Attention! Something is …open!

PS: Today I ate a sandwich. It was good: prosciutto & old cheddar on a croissant.