Refactoring: 75%

  1. Delete old blog and gallery software
  2. Install WordPress 2.0 & WP-Plugin for gallery fun
  3. Make gallery plugin work with Unix …
  4. Marvel at both the functionality (great) and code style (totally alien)
  5. Configure WordPress to work with my more static content with sane URLs.
  6. Create a WordPress theme
  7. Clean up XHTML output of gallery plugin to be, you know, XHTML
  8. Remove nasty JavaScript “feature” that prevents selecting text
  9. Make gallery plugin only work with <img> tags with a certain class attribute.
  10. Make my navigation menu.
  11. Make the image cache that the gallery generates use a directory structure.
  12. Make a WP-plugin to let me browse my uploaded photos using AJAX.

3 Responses to “Refactoring: 75%”

  1. Ian Says:

    My, aren’t you spiffy.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Yes, yes I am.

  3. Cote Says:

    Jamie, I see that you got pixgallery working on your setup. Do you think you could give me a few tips? I can’t get it to actually generate the gallery. I like how yours is setup. I think it’s even better than the author’s setup. Thanks in advance.