Does Pepto-Bismol kill butterflies?

I’m playing for two hundred people on Saturday, at a friend’s wedding reception. Solo. Haven’t played out since university, and am not the least bit nervous (technically a lie, but don’t mind that). I’ve actually got a happy piece to do, assuming I don’t make it sad with my improv- I mean, I normally play blues (sexy, moody music) and melancholy things (sad, moody, introspective things), neither of which seem entirely appropriate, as it’s not really that sort of wedding.

I’m planning on using my twelve string through an amp, hope the electronics work. If not, the Paul gets the nod, I think. Hope my 10 Watter is good enough; I don’t feel like humping the 100W, 30kg beast around.

Wonder if there’s booze at Hindu wedding receptions? Should I take a mickey?

Apropos of nothing:

One Response to “Does Pepto-Bismol kill butterflies?”

  1. Andy Says:

    Sorry, I got carried away.
    That’s an excellent photographic portrait of a chipmunk. That animal should be your national symbol.
    Swans are vicious bastards, keep your distance. I got chased by one a couple of years ago.
    That put a lot of strain on my washing machine.
    So, keeping away from swans is good for the environment, as you need to use less detergent.