Notes from the help desk, #104

Angrily hitting caps-lock doesn’t tab through form fields any faster than gently hitting caps-lock.

6 Responses to “Notes from the help desk, #104”

  1. Andy Says:

    Or should that be “duck”, what if it’s an orange duck? What does an orange say when it’s flying upside-down?
    Anyhoo, is there any real way, readily comprehensible to your average (non-programming) punter, of disabling the verdammte caps-lock button. It’s my least favourite button of all time, I only ever use it by accident – which happens quite a lot. For instance, whenever I want to type a word which contains the letter A. Or, should I become so emboldened as to attempt to use the tab button.
    I’m dimly aware of a “campaign” against caps-lock, but I don’t know if anyone’s taking this scourge seriously enough.

  2. Jamie Says:

    I don’t know of anyway to disable it – though I never use it and it causes no end to grief when I accidentally turn it on – some of the programs I use have keyboard commands that are case sensitive.

  3. Andy Says:

    That’s just the point, surely no literate person ever uses it, except for “SHOUTING” on juvenile message services.
    It often trips me up when typing a password. It is impossible to distinguish between an upper-case and a lower-case asterisk.
    I suppose we could just advise people not to choose passwords that contain the letter A. Not that any of mine do.

  4. Jamie Says:

    I am slighty fortunate in that my keyboards light up the caps-lock key when it’s on, it doesn’t help when my left hand is obscuring that key, unless I’m working in the pitch black.

  5. Ian Says:


  6. Andy Says:

    Where have you gone?
    I hope you haven’t fallen victim to some bizarre Caps-Lock related accident.