Wheat Kings

I’ve had CBC Radio One on all evening/night, and every hour they’ve run a story about the Wheat Board change in management. I tune out most of it, as I’ve been working on something, but when it gets to this marvelous line, it just sets my poor heart alight, every hour: “…fired the president”. My poor heart then breaks when the sentence concludes with “…of the Canadian Wheat Board”, as that’s not really the president that needed firing.

With regards to the Wheat Board, I honestly don’t have an informed opinion. I heard an interview with the axed Adrian Measner last week or so, and recall he presented perfectly reasonable arguments, though of course I don’t remember them as last week was approximately three years ago, or so my body tells me. In general I think monopolies are a Bad Idea™ though.

Speaking of my poor heart, I have a date with a certain Pirate Czarina tomorrow tonight (yo ho ho!). We’re going to take in the new Bond flick (on the recommendation of Ian, so it better be good, or else) and eat some yummy Thai food.

Hopefully I won’t have to walk the plank.

One Response to “Wheat Kings”

  1. Andy Says:

    The new Bond movie is well worth seeing. I enjoyed it anyway.
    It is a very long film though, so be sure to visit the Little Canadian’s Room beforehand.