Another (new) year

Well, I hope the Chinese new year will see my Christmas cards off- as I missed Christmas, New Years and Orthodox Christmas (Epiphany). Apologies, all. I’ve been too busy basking in the warmth of global warming right now to care too much. I’ve also become addicted to and the ORG (Ze‘s ORG, not SeaORG – all hail Xenu, anyway).

Dear internet, today I ate a sandwich (with my mom; it was my birthday). Pamela (saving throw vs allure: 24) gave me a “mixed up pick up lines poetry magnet kit” and a book of Richard Dawkins essays. This reviewer was quite pleasantly surprised with the effect the former had with all ladies attendant in his kitchen this evening, and will be keeping it on his fridge for future use.

4 Responses to “Another (new) year”

  1. Booalready Says:

    That you are getting them out at all makes the post office all the richer. And really, it’s nice to hear from a person out of the normal load of cards. You’ll make an impact that way!

    I am also addicted to the ORG and Xanga. I found your blog through Ze’s ORG.

    The magnets sound like they could work for you.

  2. Jamie Says:

    The magnets are great. If only more women* ventured into my kitchen.

    *or the same woman, repeatedly.

    PS: I quacked you on the ORG. OMGlikeBFF!

  3. Ian Says:

    Which Dawkins did you get? Inquiring minds (and people who like to borrow your books) want to know.

  4. Jamie Says:

    The Devil’s Chaplain