Strike when the iron is hot.

Fresh from my purchases at Radio Shack (excuse me, “The Source”), I opened my Les Paul up for surgery tonight, determined to figure out this soldering business. I cut a whole in the middle of an old shirt to let me carry out the operation without dripping any solder on the precious polyurethane finish (sorry, no pictures, no cameras in the OR (née kitchen)).

I got my new Sprague Orange Drops (225P – .022µF polyester capacitor) in pretty easily, though they take up a lot more room than the old ceramic discs. Somehow I created a bulge that sticks into the backplate that wasn’t there before, but I’m not sure how that happened.

The results (click to enlarge, click again to excuse them):

FYI: Learning to solder is stinky. This burnt ozone smell has given me a sore throat.

Yesterday evening was quality time spent with my Stratocaster:

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