Good morning little school girl

One of our stations is giving away a bunch of stuff tomorrow, including an almost 50 year old hollow body electric guitar – a 1958 Hofner Club 50. I played it a bit at lunchtime and just loved it. Went well with the Muddy Waters I’ve been listening to lately (Folk Singer).

I am frightened by the browser windows and tabs I found open this morning on my laptop: “RRSP savings calculator”, “Registering Domestic Partnerships”, and “Cracking 128-bit wireless keys”. I think some old-fogey nerd invaded my apartment.

Lecherous Muddy Waters songs seem appropriate then.

One Response to “Good morning little school girl”

  1. Ian Says:

    I really like that Muddy Waters album. I’m glad you talked me into buying it.

    Also, either you got drunk last night and started planning for you retirement, or there’s a middle-aged wifi-hacking cat burglar on the loose, and he’s planning for his retirement.