I’m movin’ on (and the troubles therein)

So, my pirate lass and I are finally shacking up, for the first time since we were both at the same university. Apparently my current dwelling is a “dank dark hole, a cesspool of guitars”, purportedly unfit for her.

Begrudgingly, I move.

I’ve been contacting various companies and corporations telling them that I’m moving. Being a web application nerd, I shun human conta— er like to check out other web applications, so I always take a stab at using them. I probably shouldn’t expect a joyous fête of usability, but it is 2007 (era of “Web 2.0″), so I get excited.

Canada Post had to make sure I was the real me, so quizzed me on my credit history, but first warned me some questions might be “simulated” (er, what?). I failed. Into the post office.

Last time I moved, I went to change my billing address with Rogers, online. I filled in my address and clicked “submit”. It told me I hadn’t entered my province or postal code. Turns out those fields aren’t on the form. OK.

Two years later:

“Dear Rogers, I can’t change my mailing address online, as I’m moving, don’t be douchebags and tell me I need MSIE.” (this is, perhaps, a paraphrase, the details are the same.)

“Dear Customer, please use Netscape 4.1.6+ or IE 5+, and if you can’t, replay and we’ll mail you your invoice.”

“Dear Rogers, thank you for your boilerplate response that misses my complaint. If I tell Safari to pretend to be IE, it gives me those fields, that means your web developers are idiots. Please inform them of this.” (very little paraphrasing.)

Exhibit A, Safari 2.0.4 (I have version 3 on the MacBook):

Exhibit B, Safari, pretending to be MSIE6 for Windows:

(Firefox gets that without pretending, it’s special)

I figure now that I have those fields, I’d enter my new address and hit submit:

(Same problem in Firefox, not so special after all)

1998 called and it wants its idiotic browser specific broken JavaScript back. —air-quotes— Web 2.0 —air-quotes— is at the door with an axe, you should let it in.

PS: Fuck you, up in Toronto, Rogers: Nova Scotia might not be a “have” province, but we aren’t invalid.

4 Responses to “I’m movin’ on (and the troubles therein)”

  1. Andy Says:

    Where are you moving to?

  2. Jamie Says:

    I moved a couple of blocks south of my last place. It’s quite nice, I’ll post some pictures when it’s clean.

    Are you on Facebook?

  3. Jamie Says:

    You are! Aweso.

  4. Andy Says:

    I am, but I hardly ever use it. It’s really just there so that Kate Beckinsale can get in touch when she’s ready.