(Only) Three hours of Ultimate and then I had muscles!

…and beer. And lots of other booze.

Our team really came together for the end-of-the-summer tournament, we only lost two of the three games, and one lose was really a moral victory (our win wasn’t a moral defeat, either, we cleaned that team’s clock on moral grounds too).

Afterwards, the three non-yellow-bellied-slash-chicken-livered teammates (I count myself among the august members), headed out to the bar (post showers and other cooling/cleaning/relaxing regimes) rather than napping.

The waitress at the bar asked what kind of muscles I wanted and, a bit surprised I said “uh, you know, the black ones, with, uh, meat inside them.”

She very patiently explained that, yes, those were the kind of muscles, but that there were four sauces available, as clearly stated in the menu.

Ye olde alehouse, the Halifax Alehouse, has muscles on special on Sunday night – twice as many as you usually get for $10, which is normally one kilogram, or, in imperial units, “more than one person could eat”.

After several beer and too much seafood, we quickly toured our apartments for fruit and rum, eventually arriving at someone’s blender (“what’s black and white and…”) .

I’d continue but I’ve run out of witty things to say about the evening. I move in two or so days.

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