PETA pockets?

I was reading recently about a Geep (a goat-sheep cross).

This inspired a late conversation between P. and I, coming up with interesting new crosses. I believe I’ve hit upon one that will revolutionize the fur industry. Stop raising foxes and minxes in boxes and instead cross a ferret and a weasel: the werret. Just imagine, werret-coats and the dialog that will surely emanate from Fashion TV’s otherwise vapid broadcasts:

“Why, what kind of coat is that?”
“Why, it’s a werret coat!”
“Funny, most coats are for wearing.”

It’s brilliant, I tell you.

2 Responses to “PETA pockets?”

  1. enio Says:

    hey jimmie, what do you think of trade it on the winter of a tropical country (dot let macca hear this stuff, plis) ?

  2. Jamie Says:

    Macca doesn’t know what he’s missing! Wintering down south sounds good, though.