Eastman AC710

Friday was a New Guitar Dayâ„¢, ending the previous 18-month (mostly) self-imposed moratorium on guitar purchases. I received an Eastman AC710 (now called an AC712) from The Acoustic Guitar in Calgary.

This is Eastman’s take on the Martin 14-fret 000 size guitars that I just adore. The neck is made from mahogany, with a really interesting volute (second picture, above). The beautiful ebony fretboard is a dream to play on. The peghead has a rosewood veneer, a rosewood truss rod cover, and gold-plated Gotoh sealed tuners, which work very well.

The guitar’s top is made up of two pieces of engelmann spruce, which is purported to be ideal for finger picking (while sitka is the ideal for flatpickers). The guitar sounds gorgeous played either way, though. Back and sides are Indian rosewood, with beautiful grain. The guitar is beautifully bound with a five-ply mixture of woods, predominantly rosewood, which is sandwiched on either side by blonde and then black woods. The blond wood is maple, I believe, which is also used in the pinstripe inlay work on the back. I don’t know what the black wood is, though I have a hard time imagining that it’s ebony.

The guitar is finished in a thin coat of deliciously noxious nitrocellulose lacquer, so I think it’s going to age very, very well. I’ll try not to sniff it too much.

7 Responses to “Eastman AC710”

  1. Ron Bloor Says:

    Lovely looking guitar. I’m about to get one of them. I think the AC710 has a slightly shorter scale by 1/2 an inch than the AC712. I’m not sure why they would have discontinued the 710 model. Have you any further thoughts about your Eastman guitar. Thanks. and nice blog.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Despite what Eastman’s site says, I was under the impression that all of their flattops have a 25″ scale length. You may want to talk to someone if you want the longer scale (I didn’t!).

    Thanks for the comment. I still love the guitar, too.

  3. Ron Bloor Says:

    Thanks Jamie, I’m going to get it this aft, so I will take my tape measure with me… When looking at the Eastman site, it seems that their guitar models ending in a 10 have a 25 inch scale, while those ending in a 12 have a 25.5 scale. I wonder if they changed the designation to be consistent with the scale length. I will find out in a few hours. In any case.. The one I’m getting is on hold. I wanted to sleep on it.. It really felt good and was setup just the way I like them.. so there is no question that it will be mine!!!

  4. Jamie Says:

    Near as I can tell, Eastman’s current site says every flat top guitar they make has a 25.5″ scale length. The Martins that they’re copying (000- and OM- models) for the ACx08 and ACx12, have 24.9″ scale lengths, so it makes a certain amount of sense for these to be the shorter scale.

    Good luck with the guitar! Let me know what you find out.

  5. Ron Bloor Says:

    You are correct.. Scale length is 25.5. I’m not sure why or when they changed the model number to AC712, because the one I bought is dated Sept 09 on the warranty card. Nice guitars. My Martin 000 is about 1/8th inch shorter in scale length than the Eastman.. So they probably both qualify as 25.5

  6. Jamie Says:

    Well, shit, so’s mine. It was supposed to be a 25″. I still like it. My other Eastman, a thinline, was definitely advertised as a 25″, and it’s more like 25.25″.

    Oh well! Enjoy it!

    Here’s a video of me & mine on YouTube: Eastman AC710.

  7. Mob Boss Says:

    Recently purchased an Eastman AC712, this one has a slot head configuration with Fishman on board electronics, very nicely factory mounted just inside the sound hole. Fit and finish is excellent, and the tone and playability is top notch. I rate this guitar a 10 for the money. Amazing value, and quality. I agree the nitro finish is really nice, and the appointments are outstanding. The Engelmann top is AAA. A friend and veteran finger stylist called the guitar silky smooth. Pick up one if you can…