cat /dev/lasagna | grep starttime

We were reading webcomics last night when P. realized that the oven was probably up to temperature and we should put the lasagna in. So we did. Without looking at the time.

How long had our precious pasta dish been in the oven!? So, I grabbed a terminal and started hunting for Safari’s caches. ls -lth | head ~/Library/Caches/ Looked promising, but full of .pngs! open . and a few Quicklook invocations later, and we found the page we’d been looking at when the lasagna went in, and more importantly, it’s creation time of 6:39pm.

2 Responses to “cat /dev/lasagna | grep starttime”

  1. Rob F Says:

    So…. was it delicious?

  2. Jamie Says:

    It was! We ate on the couch, engrossed in our books (martini/bookclub tonight).