Telecaster build, part 2: drilling and sanding

I now have almost all the holes drilled, except the two for the Electrosocket jack cup (as I’m still waiting on that part). To keep everything secured during the drilling, I bought three deep throated clamps from Canadian Tire, and used various pieces of scrap wood as clamping and backing blocks. I took advantage of dad’s knowledge and tools (some came from or were made by his father or grand father) for drilling the control holes (through 1/8″ wood).

Pot-shaft holes were enlarged to the right size with sand paper wrapped around a pencil. Carved the slot for the five-way switch with an X-Acto knife after drilling a bunch of little holes along the length.

This is roughly what it will look like (obviously missing a neck at the moment).

I’ve sanded most of the tooling marks from the sides— the body was routed from the top and bottom, and so there was a visible line between top and bottom halves, even though it’s one piece of wood front-back.

I had to remove a bunch of wood to get the wiring kit to fit, and to allow wires to fit around the volume pot from the bridge pickup rout. I bought an $11 rotary tool from Canadian Tire last year to grind off some tough solder on a pair of 30 year old humbuckers. It didn’t work well for that, but the sanding drum was very effective at making sawdust (be careful!).

I steamed out some dents that made it onto the body so far. A soaking paper towel (toilet paper in this case) under a hot soldering iron applied over the dent, and they came right out.

Friday and Saturday, I want to get the body sanded to 320 grit (dry) and start test finishing the scrap.

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