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Of our discontent.

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 - 2:13 am

I am in favour of some global warming; actually, it doesn’t need to be more than local warming. I live on a hill, the water levels can rise, but I’m tired of wearing long johns to work.

I’d rather strut like this dude:

In bed related issues, I finally caved into the Mrs.’ demands and purchased some feather pillows. I don’t want to make a note about the frequency of this, but it is notable: she was right! They are super comfy (romantic dividends will be zero, as although I caved, I referred to her as ‘the Mrs.’ Twice.).

Attention! Something is …open!

PS: Today I ate a sandwich. It was good: prosciutto & old cheddar on a croissant.

Another (new) year

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 - 3:58 am

Well, I hope the Chinese new year will see my Christmas cards off- as I missed Christmas, New Years and Orthodox Christmas (Epiphany). Apologies, all. I’ve been too busy basking in the warmth of global warming right now to care too much. I’ve also become addicted to and the ORG (Ze‘s ORG, not SeaORG – all hail Xenu, anyway).

Dear internet, today I ate a sandwich (with my mom; it was my birthday). Pamela (saving throw vs allure: 24) gave me a “mixed up pick up lines poetry magnet kit” and a book of Richard Dawkins essays. This reviewer was quite pleasantly surprised with the effect the former had with all ladies attendant in his kitchen this evening, and will be keeping it on his fridge for future use.