Blown Vette plug-in for Redline

The Blown Vette is a plug-in for Ambrosia Software’s Redline, which doesn’t replace any of the built-in cars and doesn’t step on the toes of any plug-in released thus far (as of 2006-11-05).

Some approximation of a legal disclaimer:
This car is based on the “Vette” from the game, and uses a copies of that car’s 3D model, skin, and description files, which are all copyrights of Ambrosia Software. The “hood bulge” is really a zucchini wrapped in tinfoil (OK, not really, it’s actually a deformed scoop from the Dragster, also by Ambrosia). I, however, modeled the side pipes, which are released to the Redline community if anyone wants to unpack them.

When I was a whee sprog, I passed a black Corvette from the late 60s or early 70s coming the other way, with great big rear tires and a blower sticking out of the hood. It went “wheeeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwww” (but better). Also when I was a whee sprog, no idea if it was before or after, I read my dad’s Hot Rod magazines from when he was a teenager, and there was an article about the Mako Shark II Corvette which captivated me.

Both stuck with me, and when I saw the ’68 Vette in Redline, well, I had to do something with it.

This, specifically:

About the car:
The Blown Vette is the same as the stock Vette (’68 Corvette with a L71 427), with the following changes (circa 1969/70):

  • engine and exhaust upgrades:
    1. exhaust system replaced with side pipes
    2. engine tuning and addition of a blower (supercharger)
    3. net increase of 130KW / 174HP and 194Nm / 143lb-ft
  • lighter components leading to 48Kg / ~105lbs net weight loss
  • limited slip differential (an option on Corvettes since 1957)
  • stiffer suspension
  • car has been lowered 3cm / 1 3/16″
  • tires are now 225/70-15 in the front, and 325/45-17 in the rear (vs original 205/75-15 on all corners)
  • improved brakes, especially the rear set
  • improved transmission (still a four-speed, you can just shift faster)
  • racing steering wheel and new upholstery (ohh! shiny)


  • the red and yellow models should not be driven in rain/snow – they have no roof.
  • the blue paint job is based on the Mako Shark concept cars from the early 60s (the Mako Shark II was the basis for the 1968 Corvette).
  • top speed is over 180mph (not by much)

To other modders:
If you’re going to make a derivative plug-in, please make your car visually different than mine, so make or modify your own skins. Please feel free to use these skins as a base, though.


Unzip and place the .redplug file in the Plug-Ins folder in the Redline folder. Restart Redline if it’s running (win any races before quitting). Remove the older version is there is one. The versions (v1.0 and v1.1) are compatible for network play, the only difference is the engine sound.